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We are a highly experienced professional organization who cares about your child’s well-being, about your quality of life as you age, and about your personal success and achievements in both
career and leisure. Authentic, flexible, and repsonsive to our customers needs we deliver only the highest quality of service and products to demonstrate that we care.

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We value our loyal customers and are proud to have a solid 5 star rating on Google, click on any of the comments below to find out why our clients choose to buy HGH injections with us. Not only do we have an outstanding Google rating, we are also approved by Cofepris, Secreteria de Salud and are members of the BBB – Better Business Bureau. Our products are 100% authentic, our process is simple and we love to hear from happy clients. Why wait? Get in touch today, speak to an expert and turn your life around! We are here to guide you through every step of the way.

What an amazing experience going to PV and not having to stress about searching how to get from point A to B to get the care and medication. HGH Vallarta is legit. Easy. I sent them all my lab... work that was required for HGH, and that was that. Making my appointment with Miss Chris and Damian was great! I flew in on a Sunday, and they provided me 1st class Concierge service. I was picked up from Airport, and taken to my hotel, then on Monday, after meeting with Damian- HGH Vallarta, I was then kindly taken back to airport with my prescriptions, rx letter, and cooler. I arrived back into Chicago, safe and sound! Damian delivers on his commitment to provide quality and service! Thank you for making it so stress more
Lilia Reyes
Lilia R.
02:30 04 Mar 20
I had taken my son to five top NY endocrinologists and none were able or willing to help him. We contacted Damian and he was very knowledgeable and helpful on the phone. We decided to visit him in... Mexico and he made the trip a pleasure and great success. A member of his staff met us at the airport and helped us get to the hotel. The next day Damian took us to his child endocrinologist who examined my son. The doctor had already studied my son’s growth chart, bone age test, and blood works. He made a thorough exam which was superior to the experience we had with the NY doctors. The doctor then prescribed growth hormone for my son and gave us detailed instructions on how to administer it. My son was delighted and felt that help was finally on the way. The next day Damian met us with a cooler packed with our medicine, and drove us to the airport. The experience could not have been more
Allan Starkie
Allan S.
20:00 16 Feb 20
NEW Update:***1/27/2020 Update** We are two months into HGH and my 15 year old son has grown an extra 1/2" to 3/4" . HGH is working!! Thanks again Damian. We just purchased another 3-month supply... and the service was as expected - - exceptional. First class service all the way.*** Update from late 12/1/2019****I wanted to thank Damian and his staff for the exceptional experience. I was very cautious in selecting the best place for my HGH needs. Damian runs a first class business. He was very helpful in educating me on my needs and took my calls whenever I had a question.I booked my travel and he was there to pick me up at the Airport - - top service. The total experience, from learning about HGH to meeting Damian was stress-free.Anytime you travel to Mexico to meet someone that you've never done business with adds an additional level of Stress. Damian exceeded all my expectations and I would recommend him to all. Damian, thank you again. I'll see you soon. Marcosread more
Marcos Roberts
Marcos R.
19:19 29 Jan 20
Great experience. Was able to get authentic hgh for my son at 1/3 off the price we were paying in the US. It was a simple and stress free process. Plan to continue to get our hgh from HGH Vallarta as... long as we need more
Kevin Sanders
Kevin S.
01:27 16 Jan 20
Always a pleasure working with Damian. He is friendly, thorough, knowledgeable, and prompt to answer questions. The doctor is also prompt when responding to questions. We've had a pleasurable... experience with Hgh Vallarta and would highly recommend them to more
n h
n h
21:06 29 Dec 19
Amazing service provided by people who are concerned about you, your health and more then happy to go the extra mile to ensure you get all you require. Highly recommend.
Andrew Duffus
Andrew D.
01:10 15 Nov 19
I usually do not submit a review unless their is a need to alert others. In regards to HGH VALLARTA I found their care and concern to be sincere and above my expectations. Though I was... recommended by a friend I chose to go alone as a first experience in a foreign land dealing with strangers was indeed outside my comfort zone. Though Damian was well spoken and reassuring offering assistance I am a cautious traveler. He kept in contact throughout and was there at the airport as I arrived late in the evening. I came prepared with questions and for those questions which needed a more professional answer he worked with a doctor there to provide a wiser explanation. It should be noted that I have taken these treatments with a high end doctor in NYC and paid double with extras that were unnecessary. If additional tests were needed Damian was able to assist with that as well. His team was always forthright in responding appropriately in every way.This was a very legitimate transaction that was very much above board. Everything was packaged properly and there was absolutely no problems with customs as I showed everything openly.I chose to go during the off season to fully enjoy the atmosphere and extended my stay as the cost and accommodations were better than I expected. So what I can say is that it proved to be an excellent vacation along with “benefits”To Damian and Staff I will be returning as scheduled.Thank you for your hospitality Regards. Lewread more
Lew Widoff
Lew W.
18:46 11 Nov 19
Extremely good service everything went even better than promised! Shipped to Cancun in one day - packaged very well and all intact - definitely would recommend HGH Vallarta
Bud Bacheller
Bud B.
01:43 05 Nov 19
It’s always scary doing business with people and doing it in another country if you aren’t familiar with them or not from there. This was from start to finish handled so professionally I can’t say... enough about them. I’m a single woman so I brought a guy friend, but honestly I didn’t need him. Damian has someone pick me up at the airport and drop me off at the Westin, Damian and the nurse showed up at 9am to draw my blood, I was given my product, stayed for half a day and back home that night. I received everything I needed to go home with the product. The prescription, Ice packs, cooler, needles, even alcohol swabs. I would do it again, and appreciate how great I was treated while doing business with this company. Thank you. You’re in good more
Brandee Chambers
Brandee C.
00:23 05 Nov 19
I made a trip to PV to get the medication and it was a breeze. Damian was great and explained everything in detail. He even introduced me to the doctor who got a lot of my questions answered. Damian... also provided me documentation for my travel back which helped greatly as i was stopped by customs and after checking the docs let me in. Def recommend Damianread more
Xavier Silveira
Xavier S.
03:32 03 Oct 19
My first visit to Mexico and dealing with HGH Vallarta, and it was seamless. Damian was awesome and professional. He picked me up from the airport and took me to my hotel. He took the time to... discuss the process, medication, and protocols involved. The process itself was quick and easy. Damian provided me the needed travel documents, and a cooler with ice packs for my return trip. I would definitely recommend HGH Vallarta to anyone who more
Darren Jones
Darren J.
00:38 09 Sep 19
Super easy with the same level of care and service I receive from my US-based Physician. The only difference was it saved me > $10k USD.
Ken Sheppard
Ken S.
16:58 20 Aug 19
This place was one of my most pleasant medical visits ever . I contacted via the google chat . They got back to me in less than 2 hours . I spoke to Damian via chat at first . He gave me a phone... call went over everything in detail very informative, professional . Next day they came to my hotel for blood work . We did everything right there at hotel . Next brought medication doctors note prescription all in a good cooler with ice ready . I kept it in hotel fridge and gave the ice packs to hotel staff . I had 14 hours of flight the next mourning to get home and customs was a breeze. When got home everything was still very cold and still some ice left on packs . Thanks everyone for the great job . Happy customer!!!!read more
John Sloan
John S.
01:23 17 Aug 19
Damian the gentleman who helped us was wonderful, all of the medication and paperwork was waiting for me at the airport when he picked me up, yes Damian personally picked me up and drove me to my... hotel, showed me how to use the medication and then came back to the hotel and drove me to the airport to catch my flight back home. I was genuinely worried about going to a foreign country for medication but Damian took care of everything and treated me like a VIP! I would not hesitate to return if I ever needed anything else, the service and product are outstanding! I highly recommend the HGH Vallarta more
Shelly Willgruber
Shelly W.
03:28 08 Aug 19
Very smooth transaction, and Damian is very professional! Thx again for your help!
Jim Huggins
Jim H.
22:09 07 Apr 19
Hgh Vallarta helped me immensely with my health. They were courteous, informative, professional, trustworthy, and ALWAYS on time. From the moment you arrive till you return home, your in good hands.
Neil A
Neil A
21:55 02 Feb 19
I had my second trip to Vallarta for my prescription. I couldnt be more pleased with the appointment. We reviewed my blood tests and discussed the required protocol, everything needed was taken... care of quickly. I highly recommend the more
Shawn Ehmann
Shawn E.
16:09 28 Dec 18
I have Been Coming to Puerto Vallarta/HGH Vallarta for the last two years. Damien has been the best. Picking me up grabbing a bite and making me feel not only like a valued customer but a friend.... Along with changing my life after 3 hip surgeries. HGH and Testosterone has been a game Changer. Thank You HGH Vallarta for Everything! ~AC~ Bay Area Californiaread more
Anthony Cisneros
Anthony C.
03:35 02 Dec 18
Buena atención
Richard González
Richard G.
08:35 01 Nov 18
As promoted, courteous and went out of the way to guide me through the small process, and answer all questions. Damian went out of his way to work with my timeline. Recovery certainly better after a... workout, no big change in the sleeping patterns though,..for meread more
21:52 25 Oct 18
Damien, Is Excellent and a Professional Knowledgeable and Helpful
John Gilmore
John G.
03:08 14 Sep 18
HGH Vallarta professionally designed a medicaly supervised program specifically to meet my needs. I will definately return.
john brown
john B.
20:10 19 Jul 18
I called HGH Vallarta out of desperation to help my son. Damian always answered my calls and explained things clearly. When I asked for referral from other parents who might have had similar... health issues, he provided me names of patients whose treatments were successful. He referenced me to other doctors (Dr. Rodriguez) as well in case any questions that were left unanswered received the proper answer. Just as background, my son has been seeing a pediatric endocrinologist for 3 years in the U.S. so seeing Dr. Rodriguez, the endocrinologist in Puerto Vallarta, made me feel very confident about the prescribed growth hormones. Damian delivered my goods, showed me how to use it, and provided me with the proper help I more
Stelle Kennedy
Stelle K.
21:29 13 Jun 18
Great communication and service. Real pros, quality product and service. I will be back!
terry coffing
terry C.
15:48 12 Jun 18
I was on vacation in Puerto Vallarta when I called HGH Vallarta. I received a quick response. The nurse came to my hotel and drew my blood the next morning and Damian came the next day with the... script travel letter and medication. Note: next time I will bring cash or do an international wire transfer. The credit card companies do not like big charges while traveling and are a pain... thanks guysread more
Paul Galloway
Paul G.
01:31 08 Jun 18
Hello, My name is Tomas T. I live in the North East area of the US. I recently decided to fly to Puerto Vallarta and verify the authenticity of the HGH Vallarta products. Below is my narrative... and chronology of events. I arrived in Puerto Vallarta on Tuesday (5/22/2018) and Damian picked me up at the airport. He drove me to the Krystal hotel where I had booked a room overnight. Damian brought with him the 720iu package of Norditropin 10mg pens that I had ordered.He went with me to my hotel room so that I could inspected the package. I had brought with me an empty vial, a syringe and a needle so I could run a test on a small sample of the Norditropin HGH.I drew a small amount of HGH (.15ml) from one pen and injected that into my empty vial.I then boiled some water (my hotel room had a mini kitchen) and dipped the vial sample into the boiling water for a few minutes. The HGH in the vial denatured within seconds of placing it into the boiling water and remained denature even 24hrs later…(see my attached pictures). This to me was a good indicator that the HGH in the Nordiflex pens was authentic 191aa bioidentical HGH. So, I paid Damian for the purchase of the 24 boxes of Norditropin 10mg (Nordiflex) pens and packed them in ice for my overnight stay.The next day I flew from PV to Cancun (5/23/18) and spent the day enjoying the Cancun beaches. The following day (5/24/18) I prepared the 24 boxes for my flight back to JFK.I packed the travel cooler bag that HGH Vallarta provided along with three frozen ice pouches. I then departed for the airport and as I was passing through the Cancun airport security check in point the TSA scanner agent spotted the ice in the cooler bag and asked me to step aside and open the bag. Please keeping in mind that this security checkpoint was the least of my concerns while traveling with Norditropin because HGH Vallarta provides you with an authentic Doctor's note and authentic prescription script for 720 IUs. So, I opened the bag with confidence knowing that the Cancun TSA agent was simply worried about dangerous liquids. The agent (Maria) simply looked inside, saw the ice and said, “Oh, ok it’s just ice to keep your meds cool, you can go".I believe they were under the impression that I was carrying insulin.But even if they had questioned me about the meds being Somatropin, I was ready with my doctor’s note and prescription. So, I boarded my JetBlue flight to JFK and when I arrived at JFK I was told that the typical Customs "paper declaration form" was now completely filled out via an electronic Kiosk. That was incredible because that meant there was going to be no Customs TSA agent directly asking me if I had anything to declare!!! WOW!! I simply got off the JetBlue plane with my two carry-on bags and walked to the Customs declaration kiosks where I scanned my passport and answered all of the typical custom declaration questions.NOTE: None of the Customs declaration question ask you if you are carrying medication!!! WOW!! So after answering all of the questions the kiosk printed out a receipt which had my passport picture printed on it. I took the receipt and my passport directly to the security exit gate where an agent simply took the printed receipt from me and said; “Have a great day”! !!! I was dumbfounded !!! I even took pictures, I couldn’t believe it. NOTE: This automated Customs checkout process is only for US citizens and Canadian Citizens. Everyone else must fill out the paper forms and go through regular customs checkout. CONCLUSION:For anyone worried about carrying back HGH through US customs from (Puerto Vallarta or Cancun -> NYC)…You have nothing to worry about if you are a US citizen. For anyone worried about whether HGH Vallarta and Damian are giving you legitimate HGH... You have nothing to fear.Damian is family man running a small business and I have found him to be a stand up guy that I can vouch for and recommend.Sincerely,Tomásread more
tomas ta
tomas T.
21:10 29 May 18
Exceptional value and you won't meet annicer, friendlier or mor helpful staff anywhere. The beaches are beautiful which is also a plus. I felt safe and attented to at all times plus had the choice of... going out and exploring on my own at any time I wanted to. No problems traveling back with my medication at all, not one more
Lamont Odom
Lamont O.
20:05 26 May 18
Thanks guys what a good job i would recommend you to all my friends I was worried about crossing the Border and coming through customs in the statesIt was Flawless just as they had said Customs... did check my package after presenting them with the letter from the doctor and the prescription all was goodThanks guys you're wonderfulI would give them 4 thumbs up but unfortunately I only have 2 thumbsread more
jackie jack
jackie J.
13:10 02 May 18
The process was professional and our product was shipped to our hotel in Cancun on time. The follow-up all through the process was great and very reassuring. We had no problems going through customs... back to the more
19:37 20 Apr 18
Damián rocks the whole process was very concierge medicine.
Terrence Gareau
Terrence G.
23:59 19 Mar 18
Product was delivered on time and as expected. Great Service!
Jesse Geffon
Jesse G.
22:56 22 Jan 18
Prompt and friendly service. Was able to arrange everything with less than 3 days notice!
Jeff Jordan
Jeff J.
02:03 05 Jan 18
Damian and Dr. Gutierrez made the process so stress free, and ensured me that they had my health and well-being at heart. Damian kept in touch to ensure that I was doing well. Beyond that, the... results were amazing. I never thought that my 53 year old body could respond the way that it did! Thank you, Damian!read more
D Dpc
D D.
23:54 03 Jan 18
Dr. Gutierrez was fantastic and I would recommend HGH Vallarta to my closest friends and family.
Mayra Bueno
Mayra B.
21:11 03 Jan 18
SUPER satisfied with HGH Vallarta. Great customer service, the Dr was friendly and I am saving about 50% on HGH bought in the states.
16:57 03 Jan 18

Professional, Fast & Secure | HGH for Sale

If Professional, Fast & Secure service is what you desire, then you’ve come to the right place. Save thousands of USD on HGH Injections in Mexico. Everything can be done in as little as one day! This includes purchasing your medication, getting your blood drawn and your hgh prescription. Find out why we are the No.1 authorized distributor of HGH for sale in Mexico. At HGH Vallarta, we do things the right way! 

Legal HGH Injections for Sale in Mexico

HGH Vallarta is a legal and registered pharmacy based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Your best interest is our main priority. Our experienced team works tirelessly to bring you the top, medical-grade HGH injections at the best price possible. And your results will reflect this. You can legally return home with our doctor-certified prescription and a multiple months’ supply of medication. We deliver the HGH in a convenient travel cooler with its original sealed packaging and necessary documentation to return home.

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When it comes to cost, we can’t be beat. In the USA, you’re looking at $1,200 for a single Norditropin 30 IU/10mL pen. You can get this exact same dose from us for a mere $250! And companies in the states sell packages of 24 pens for an astounding $28,880. You can get the exact same offering from us for just $5,750!

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This means there are no price hikes and the cost per month is in the range of $400 to $600, depending on your brand and dosage. And a one-year supply can run between $4,400 and $7,000.

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At HGH Vallarta, we appreciate finding an authentic product and trustworthy source is a daunting task, especially in our industry. So we’d like to give you a little extra peace of mind by showing some of the magazines, websites and news channels that recommend us.

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The last thing you want to do is get lost in the endless sea of information when you’re looking into HGH for sale online. You will find a myriad of conflicting answers to questions like should you buy HGH, is it even necessary in the first place and who has the best HGH for sale? Don’t waste your time getting conflicting answers. A much better way is to make an informed decision and follow this process:

1. Get in Touch

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All of our packages consist of a year supply of treatment that includes blood work, an exercise and nutrition plan, ongoing consultations and discounts for returning customers. When you buy HGH injections online, you get convenience, value and privacy. And in as little as one day, our fast and professional services can secure your treatment. All you need to do is contact us.

Real HGH for Sale with a prescription

We know that you question whether the HGH you order is real. This actually comes up a lot. Well, we’re actually a licensed Mexican pharmacy, which affords us the ability to sell and distribute legal HGH injections. There’s nothing sketchy to be found! Every legal growth hormone product we have for sale comes equipped with a lot number and expiration date that you can verify yourself with the manufacturer. You won’t find that with any other company.

Some of our manufacturers include Novo Nordisk, Eli Lilly, Merck and their authorized distributors. All of our products are FDA-approved and match the growth hormone injections for sale in the good old USA. But the difference is, our real HGH for sale is found in Mexico. End of story!

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Weight loss is one of the biggest benefits of growth hormone therapy. And for those not lacking in growth hormone production, HGH injections can create a surplus of this hormone in your system. What makes this advantageous? Well, it can lead to an increase in endogenous growth hormone output of the body.

The end result is a boost in HGH production, which translates to an equally high production of Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (another intracellular signaling hormone). This regenerates muscle cells and prevents degradation of old ones. You are then left with an increase in lean body mass, which destroys fat cells and uses byproducts of pre-existing cells to build more muscle. The end result is a win-win situation–you build more muscle while losing fat.

Learn about legal HGH for Sale

Unlike other shady businesses, we are in this for the long run. We want your returning business and we’ll definitely provide you with authentic HGH prescriptions. Your comfort, safety and happiness is our primary concern.​

From a legal standpoint, traveling across country lines with personal medication like HGH injections is totally permitted! With that being the case, we require our clients to travel to Mexico, where we will provide an HGH prescription and letter to get you home without a hitch. All that’s left is for you to contact us today to find out how to buy legal HGH for sale.