HGH and Testosterone

Here is a dose of reality for you. If you truly want to get the most from the game of life, then combine HGH with testosterone for the win. Remember, a beautiful house is not built on a foundation alone.

There are other components involved. The house needs walls, windows, interior coverings, a roof and so on. Once all the pieces are in place, it is done, and you can look back and be proud of your accomplishment.

By taking HGH injections along with testosterone, you will have that same feeling of achievement.

What Is The HGH/Testosterone Cycle?

The seasons are always changing. Leaves turn colors and then fall of trees. Temperatures trend up and then trend down. Days become hot and humid and then cool off. These are all characteristics you can clearly see through the course of a year.

None of these changes are permanent, but it’s the balance that mother nature has created. If you are not following, these are just simply cycles. And much like the weather, your body is designed the same way.

It too goes through cycles of happiness and sadness, crying and laughing, hugging and kissing, fighting and making up. But at the end of the day, balance is what always keeps you the happiest and most grounded.

When it comes to cycles of testosterone along with HGH, they have similar characteristics as any other cycles. You end up taking a specific injection for a set period of time, determined by our doctors, and then you go off or reduce the amount you were taking.

Then you repeat this protocol over the course of time. By cycling, your body will get exactly what it needs to maintain homeostasis and also to still stay close to its natural functioning mechanisms.

Should I Take HGH & Testosterone?

Think synergy when it comes to the answer to this question. It is highly advisable to take HGH with testosterone. This is the surefire way to get the best results with your body.

The synergy mentioned above is an effect you get when you sync up two different elements. Alone, they can do a good job on your system. But when combined, they can take things to a whole other exponent.

It’s equivalent to taking vitamin C with iron or creatine with carbs. Each one of these pieces is good on its own. But when you combine them, you are able to make a puzzle and form a picture.


We know how expensive HGH and testosterone can be. A lot of black market companies will have you shelling out your life’s savings to get your fix. But we do not adhere to such practices.

Our main goal is to offer you testosterone and HGH at an affordable rate that won’t break the bank. The good news is, you can come to us for your entire treatment plan and pay less than if you went to a local doctor in the states.

It’s not out of the question to pay $20,000 or more for a 3-month dose in the US and Canada. At HGH Vallarta, you can get the same option for one-third of that cost! This is good news if you are willing to come down to visit us.

Hormone Therapy Guidance

Being pushed out the door without really good instructions or information is not quality business practice. Yet, this is the common thing when it comes to other places that offer HGH and testosterone.

There are very specific things you need to know about when and how to administer injections, how to measure your doses, and how to store your solution. We go over all of this in fine detail to make sure you end up as healthy and happy as possible.

You never want to overlook this all-important step. And that is possibly how it will be when you go to another therapy clinic. They don’t always have your best interest in mind. It’s often only theirs.

Trusting HGH & Testosterone Therapy Clinics

Reputation is everything when it comes to your hormone replacement therapy. Since you ARE dealing with your hormones, there is no room for finagling or user error. Our clinic staff and team of doctors are top-notch, and we provide you with the best of care possible.

You do not want some slick-talking organization in charge of your wellbeing. More things can go wrong than you care to think about. Our service is second to none and it is highly worth the trip down here to put your health into our hands.