HGH Cycle

With so many benefits of human growth hormone therapy, it’s no surprise you’re considering HGH treatment. However, the journey might come with rough patches in the beginning, especially if you don’t understand the dynamics of HGH cycle, dosage and usage.

We’re here to break those details down for you.

Combined HGH and Testosterone Cycle

For those wanting quick results in bodybuilding, use the HGH and Test cycle.

Testosterone is the male growth hormone that will give the human growth hormone a boost in functioning. The average HGH and Testosterone cycle lasts for about 3 months – the optimal test cycle is 12 weeks in length.

You shouldn’t use a very high HGH dosage if combining both to avoid adverse side effects. You should only take 750mg of Testosterone per week. When starting out, combine this with the lowest dosage of HGH, and you will get the best HGH and Test cycle results.

The Best HGH Cycle Results

An HGH Cycle covers HGH injections over a sustained period of time with a specific objective. During this period, you will adhere to a specific dosage and protocol with the aim of reaching your goal.

Your HGH cycle and its success depend on your intention, your level of experience, and the other compounds stacked with HGH. Your intention could range from bodybuilding, weight loss, anti-aging, medication, to general health purposes.

The specific length of your HGH cycle depends on your goal. Some conditions will require you to take an  HGH dosage for up to 6 months to get the best results. For others, you might only need weeks of HGH injection.

Shorter HGH cycle lengths (up to 2 months) are for those handling injuries or looking to see improved skin, sleep, physique, or hair. Normally, if you are prescribed high HGH dosage, your HGH cycle length will be shorter to avoid adverse reactions.

Also, if you decide to go for HGH and Test cycle, then your HGH cycle length would only be 3 months for safety reasons. Besides, your HGH cycle results will be evident at this time.

For bodybuilding reasons, longer HGH cycle duration is best recommended. Combine low HGH dosage with workouts and you will see your results by 6 months.

HGH Cycle Before and After

If you are just starting out or have very little experience using human growth hormone therapy, then worry no more.

Human growth hormone is measured in milligrams or UIs. Don’t understand what UIs stand for? Basically, 1 milligram is equivalent to around 2 UIs.

The recommended HGH cycle dosage for beginners is the minimum dosage per intention. This will allow your body to build up acceptance to time and to avoid adverse side effects.

For instance, you can start with 1 UI per day if you are doing it for aesthetic reasons. You will start feeling energetic, and your sleep will improve. Gradually, you will start seeing further improvements – getting lean muscle mass, fat loss, and more.

You can start with the lowest HGH cycle dosage for weeks and build it up later.

If your intention is to build muscle, then you will need to hit the gym often and accompany it with a dosage of 3UIs in the beginning. You can maintain this dosage for a check cycle of about 12 weeks and increase your dosage gradually to 6UIs as you increase your exercise frequency and experience to get the best before and after results.

If your goal is sports-oriented and revolves around fat loss, sports, working out or fitness, your HGH cycle for a beginner would be 4UIs per day for your first cycle. You can then build it up to 6 UIs as you become advanced and hardcore.

For healing from injuries, as a beginner you should try to break down your HGH cycle dosage of 8-16 UIs into several injections spread out on your day instead of taking it all at once.

What is the correct HGH Cycle Dosage?

HGH Cycle Dosage for Anti-aging and Beauty Reasons

If your goal is to maintain a youthful look and improve the look and feel of your skin and hair, or to strengthen your bones and muscles, your HGH cycle dosage will be 2-3 UIs every day. Taking the HGH injection in the morning is the best option. This is because your body produces the same hormone at night when you sleep. So you need to maintain the levels in your system for the best results.

HGH Cycle Dosage for Athletes

If you are a sportsperson and want to lose excess fat, maintain standard fitness or build lean muscles mass, then your HGH cycle dosage will be between 2-6 UIs for you to get the best results. You can spread the dosage to have several HGH injections during the day. It is recommended to split the dosage up and not inject more then 2iu at a time to avoid GH gut.

HGH Cycle Dosage for Injury Recovery

If you get into an accident, burn up severely or injure yourself in the field, you might need high HGH dosage to help you with the pain and to speed up your healing process. Your HGH cycle for injuries will be shorter because of the high dosage involved and the risk of the carpal tunnel syndrome.

Your doctor might recommend an HGH cycle dosage of 6 iu’s. You could take your dosage all at once or spread out your injections throughout the day.

Normally this HGH cycle will only go for weeks to be on the safe side.

How to get an HGH Cycle Dosage for Sale

As mentioned earlier, your HGH cycle dosage will determine whether or not you get the desired results from your human growth hormone cycle. Too much of HGH could give you undesired side effects and too little may slow down the action. So you need to adhere to the HGH cycle dosage given by your doctor.

But first, you have to get it prescribed by a doctor. Each purchase with HGH Vallarta comes with a doctor visit, prescription, follow-ups, blood panels, diet and exercise support and requires a set out process.

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