HGH Dosage

Human growth hormone is prescribed to help manage different conditions or to reverse the signs of aging. For HGH injections to work well, give you the desired results and minimize side effects, you need to use the correct HGH injection dosage as prescribed by your doctor.

You will realize that your HGH dosage may not be the same as the next person. This is because your dosage will be determined by a number of factors that are normally established during the initial medical process conducted before you get an HGH prescription. These factors include:

  • Your health condition/purpose
  • HGH cycle duration
  • Your financial status
  • Your weight and fat percentage
  • Drug interactions
  • Your current physique and experience

HGH Dosage for Women

Compared to men, HGH dosage for women is slightly lower than that for men. In fact, it shouldn’t exceed 10 UIs per day. Whether you want to bring your youth back, lose weight, or have stronger bones and beautiful hair, your dosage as a woman should be able to work with your body.

A lower dosage for women would slow down the action, and too much of it would cause side effects as a result of your body not getting enough time to get used to the product.

Basically, HGH dosage for women is between 2-4 UIs per day to improve your skin, joints, and bones and for anti-aging purposes. For more information on the benefits of growth hormone for women visit our dedicated section.

Where to find the correct HGH cycle Dosage

Your HGH dosage will depend on protocol and your financial ability.

You can take your HGH injection dosage all at once or divide your daily dosage into several HGH injections. You could also use the conventional protocol where you either take your HGH injection every day (ED), 3 times a week, or every other day.

Your dosage and protocol will depend on the condition that you want to treat.

For instance, 3 times a week is often used by children with growth hormone deficiencies. Since they will use them for some time, spacing the HGH dosage prevents the formation of antibodies.

If you have financial constraints and looking to use HGH for the long cycle, then every other day protocol will work best for you.

Everyday protocol HGH dosage on the other hand is the best for gaining muscle and bodybuilding. If you are financially stable, you will get the best benefits of ED protocol.

Our team of experts will help you figure out the best HGH injection dosage for you and walk with you every step of the way.

What’s the correct HGH dosage for weight loss?

The perfect HGH dosage for weight loss will help you to burn excess fat to get an attractive lean and clean mass. Human growth hormone for weight loss works by reducing the amount of glucose in your blood. This will trigger your body to burn stored fat to release more glucose into your system. In the process, you will lose superfluous fat.

In the beginning, you can start with 2UIs per day and increase that to 4UIs per day with time. You will continue your dosage for a duration of about six months.​

For best results, you can take your HGH dosage for weight loss just before your workout session. Once you get to maintain 4UIs per day, the results will be visible.

HGH Dosage For Men

If you have been using HGH injections for some time, then your body is already used to the product. Its effects are normally linear with the amount you use, so you can increase your HGH injection dosage over time.

Men with bigger muscles, a stronger physique, and prior experience with HGH can handle high HGH dosage without any problem. When you have no experience, you will have to start with a low HGH dosage and increase with time.

How long or short your period of taking human growth hormone affects your dosage. Depending on which condition you’re treating, your doctor will determine the course of your hormone therapy and monitor your usage during this period.

HGH Injection Dosage

You will realize that with a shorter HGH cycle, you will need a high HGH dosage and for a longer cycle, you will need a low HGH dosage.

Normally, the HGH cycle dosage runs for about 3 to 4 months.

Shorter cycles will take around 1- 2 months. This HGH dosage works best when you need to improve your skin, recover from joint injuries, and improve the quality of your cartilage or burn fats really fast without losing your muscle.

Longer HGH cycles, on the other hand, are great for bodybuilding, healing old injuries and trauma. Long-term effects include improved skin, nails, and hair. The low HGH dosage will allow your body to get used to the treatment and respond without adverse side effects.

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