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HGH For Weight Loss

Is HGH for weight loss your new magic regimen?

If you have been struggling with weight, then you already understand that it does a number on your health and self-esteem. You tried dieting. You’ve even tried working out, realizing that it wasn’t working out for you. Well, don’t give up yet. Human growth hormones can give you a boost and help you to lose weight.

HGH Injections for Weight Loss

Even though human growth hormone was initially approved to help children with HGH deficiencies, it has since grown and expanded in usage. Apart from being very effective, it’s also legal to use human growth hormone for weight loss as long as you have a prescription from your doctor. Normally, the hormone specialist will run tests on your blood and examine your medical history to ascertain if you have a growth hormone deficiency. If yes, then you will be placed on hormone replacement therapy that will help you boost growth hormone levels and lose weight. You should also follow a diet to see the best benefits of HGH and weight loss.

HGH Weight Loss Before and After

The anti-catabolic effects of growth hormones allow you to quickly burn fat and lose weight without cutting the muscles out. You don’t have to diet to lose weight while using growth hormones for weight loss. Your growth hormone will ensure that you use up stored fats even as you continue to eat more calories. If used correctly, then side effects are very mild, and the results you get exceed simple weight loss. Growth hormone is naturally produced by the Pituitary gland in your brain. However, its production slows down as you age and you start experiencing aging problems. These could range from gaining weight to wrinkles, from cardiovascular problems to osteoporosis, vision problems, and more. When you enroll in growth hormone therapy sessions, you stimulate your hormone production once again, bringing back your youth and losing excess fat. Measure what happens before and after the therapy and you’ll be amazed.

HGH for women weight loss

So, how exactly does it work on weight loss for women? A few ways: 

​Fat retrieval from storage

When human growth hormone injections are administered, the HGH retrieves fat from storage in the form of free fatty acids. By binding to its receptors, HGH takes free fatty acids to the liver through the blood for oxidation, yielding usable body energy. It’s no wonder that using human growth hormones leaves people feeling energetic.​

Metabolic acceleration

Growth hormones induce cellular metabolism (which could sometimes slow down with age). Increased metabolism causes more calories to be burnt per unit time. In fact, it increases by about 20%, and you use 20% more energy. When you burn up more calories than you are consuming, you lose weight.

Accelerated oxidation of free fatty acids

HGH for women stimulates and speeds up the process that convert free fatty acids in the mitochondria to universal body energy. This intensifies the process of fat-burning in your system, enabling you to lose extra fat.

HGH dosage for weight loss

For human growth hormone to give you the best results, you need to combine it with exercise, nutritional, and lifestyle changes. Other than that, adhere to your HGH dosage for weight loss to see desired results. Taking more injections than needed exposes you to adverse side effects, so you need to use the required dosage for weight loss. In the beginning, start with 5 units per day for about a week or two. If your body is responding well, you can increase your HGH injection dosage to 10 units per day and continue with it to end of your growth hormone cycle. You also need to consider your fat percentage before you choose your HGH dosage for weight loss. If your percentage is higher, then use a smaller dosage for a longer period of time. If your fat percentage is low (but you also want to get ripped), then you can use a high dosage amount over a short cycle. The best part about HGH injections is that you will lose the fat but your muscles will remain intact. This is very important to avoid wasting away. That way, the result will be a lean, muscular, well-toned body. Chances are you will start seeing the effects in the second month. Be patient with your body and let the injections work. After the course, you will take the HGH for weight loss before and after pictures and compare to see how far you have come.

HGH for weight loss for sale

At HGH Vallarta, we value your health and want to be part of your weight loss process. We will walk with you as you lose the fat step by step. Our team of experts will run tests on you and give you a suitable prescription. You can also buy the best HGH injections for weight loss directly from us. We stock the best brands that will guarantee you the curves you crave.
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