HGH Pens

The hormone known as human growth hormone, or HGH, is one of the most important in the body. It provides you the ability to grow at a young age, develop muscle, strength and body hair, and perhaps most important, gives you a consistent stream of energy. When HGH levels are low, people are posed with the task of trying to bring them back up to the normal range.

A handful of lifestyle adjustments can be incorporated in this instance like losing weight, following a healthier diet, avoiding high amounts of alcohol and exercising. Although this can definitely turn things in a positive direction for HGH, it’s still not an ironclad strategy.

There is only so much that can be done when the pituitary gland is not producing growth hormone to its fullest potential. That’s when HGH injections enter the picture. But, they are not always the best way to go as they can be hard to use and there could also be waste involved.

This is where HGH pens come to the table. For a little context, they are similar to injections, but they do not require a vial and syringe. When using syringes, there is a lot more set-up involved and the disposal process can be more arduous. Plus, most injections require refrigeration, which can be a problem if you are traveling or away from a refrigerator for a while.

When it comes to pens, there have been advancements in technology that keep some forms shelf-stable at room temperature for an extended period of time. That is where the easier part comes into play.

What are the different types of HGH?

When it comes to the body, there really is only one form of HGH. However, when it comes to HGH pens for sale, there are a whole host of options available. The most notable are pharmaceutical grade. For quick reference, here is a list of some of these:

  • Norditropin Nordiflex®  pen
  • Genotropin GoQuick® pen
  • Humatropen  HumatroPen®
  • Omnitrope SurePal® pen
  • Saizen EasyPod®

That’s a good amount of pens, and none of which write, by the way. When it comes to which one will be assigned to you, that’s a bit more of an in-depth situation. After getting a blood test and full screening from your doctor, he will then choose the option that he feels will give you the best results. It literally can be any of the above or something comparable.

What type of HGH is best?

When it comes to boosting your HGH levels, you don’t want to risk getting a cheap, sketchy form from the black market. And that includes stuff you find online or a jenkey product you might get from a gym acquaintance who swears you can become swole by using his brand of choice.

Never fall for the no-name generics out there. These can be compared to a suspicious-looking character who lurks around your neighborhood with a hoodie pulled over his face. You just know he’s up to no good. In other words, you should never let your health go to chance.

That being said, when you’re shopping around for HGH pens for sale, make sure that you do score a legitimate brand. If you are able to get one of the brand names, even if by not-so-legal means, at least you can be assured that it has gone through laboratory testing and is generally safe for use.

Of course, you should still use a dose that is not too high or egregious. That is when you can really get into trouble. So the best type of HGH really depends on what you are prescribed. Any one of the high-quality brand name versions is best as long as it gives you good results.

How long does a HGH pen last?

Much like any other form of exogenous treatment or supplement, there is an expiration date on HGH pens. To give you a specific example, a Norditropin pen is good for 4 weeks when kept in a refrigerator and 21 days outside of it. This is going to be the average with any form of HGH pen that you get.

Having said that, your healthcare provider will fill you in on the correct storage and usage of whatever pen you end up with. And it is definitely in your best interest to follow the guidelines exactly as they are presented to you.

The main concern is that, if the HGH formula sits out for too long, it can lose its potency. Then you are wasting money on something that won’t work.

How do you inject HGH pens?

There is a bit of pain involved with HGH pens when it comes to injecting them. But it is not a major amount. It’s more like a slightly uncomfortable feeling. Before you get to that point though, you need to dial it up to the right amount.

When you do things by the books and get an HGH dosage recommended by your doctor, you will have a certain amount to inject and it will be at a certain time and frequency. This will vary, depending on the severity of your deficiency.

Under normal circumstances, you will be required to inject HGH toward the evening and this is for two reasons. First of all this timeframe is when your body follows a natural circadian rhythm where growth hormone naturally rises the closer you get to bed time and then during your sleeping hours.

Secondly, it is best to inject HGH when your insulin levels are low. They tend to be lower in the evening so it is advantageous to capitalize on this aspect.

As for the exact dosage, HGH pens come with a counter on them. To get the correct amount, you inject the pen, press the button on top and wait until the counter reads what the prescribed amount is and then remove it.

It is important to choose the correct site on your body for the injection as well. The key is to find an area that has a decent amount of fatty tissue. Popular areas include the midsection at least 2 inches away from the navel, the underarms and upper thighs.


Is it safe to inject HGH?

Injecting HGH is completely safe as long as you do it the right way and without partaking in any questionable practices. One of the main things you want to do is make sure to always clean the site where you are going to administer the injection. That’s just simple hygiene. You always want to insure that your injection are is sanitary.

Another thing to take into consideration is the amount you inject. Once again, you never want to get carried away. If you put too much HGH into your body, and too often, it can lead to a battery of unwanted side effects. The situation that was once safe, all of a sudden becomes dangerous.

To summarize this whole thing, as long as you are not an asshat, you can feel completely safe when it comes to injecting HGH.

How much is a Norditropin pen?

Growth hormone pen cost can be quite exorbitant. And when you factor in the consistent and long-term use of HGH, the cost can keep going up. That is why it’s a good idea to come to our clinic here in Puerto Vallarta. The amount it would cost to come here, stay here and get your treatment would be less expensive than an HGH pen cost in the states.

With that being the case, let’s flesh out a Norditropin pen specifically. If you are shopping around HGH pens for sale in the United States vs our HGH Vallarta clinic, you will be in for a very eye-opening experience. You can be looking at somewhere in the ballpark of $3,000 to $6,000 for a treatment in the states. And this would include your doctor visits and any travel that may accrue.

At our clinic, you can get a 10 ml 30 IU dose of Norditropin for $250, which is in stark contrast to the adverse price. And this is on par with any other form of pharmaceutical-grade HGH pen that you are prescribed.

How much does a growth hormone pen cost?

You just found out the lowdown on Norditropin, but let’s take a bit of a deeper dive on HGH pen cost. Overall, it does depend on the facility you go to when it comes to the expense of HGH pens treatment. And you also have to consider how often you will be taking it.

You might be so deficient that you need to take multiple injections per day. Over the long term, this can really add up. But generally speaking, you are likely looking at an average of $500 to $7,500 per month.

Of course, the blow can be lessened with health insurance. But oftentimes, HGH pens and other forms of HGH treatment are not covered by insurance. So it is best to prepare for what the long-range plan has in store.

Final word on HGH pens

There is no doubt that HGH can have a major impact on regaining your health. Once you have done your due diligence, gotten tested and have been prescribed a dosage that best suits your needs, you are set.

It is then up to you to safely and correctly inject HGH into your system. You now are equipped with all the information on HGH pens that you need to live a healthy and happy life. If you are interested in taking a trip down south, we would love to put your healthcare needs into our hands.

We will make sure you get the best of care and leave with the assurance that everything you do is legal and result-oriented.