HGH Prescription

We require a prescription to allow us to sell you medication. The process of acquiring a prescription is very easy. The doctor requires a series of blood tests before being able to prescribe the medication. We can have a nurse go straight to your hotel to do the blood draw and then send the results to the doctor.

We have a very transparent process including a series of blood tests to determine if you are eligible to obtain Prescription HGH. Once your blood is drawn, we can then provide you with your medication, your HGH prescription, and travel letter. We make sure your body is in the correct condition before using prescription HGH injections. Overall, the goal is to take a snapshot look at your health, hormone levels, cardio health, and more to design a plan and guide you through the process of maintaining excellent health and body composition.

All of this can be done in as little as a few hours in the convenience of your hotel. We have perfected this practice with years of experience in HGH Prescriptions, and would therefore like to share some common questions:

How Much Does An HGH Prescription Cost?

The simple answer is nothing! We include the prescription and bloodwork as part of all our packages above 720IU.

How to Get an HGH Prescription

Our clinic is based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Our clients travel down to our clinic to obtain their prescription and medication before returning home legally prescribed. We can also mail your prescription to you anywhere in Mexico once you provide the required blood work. We require that you follow this series of blood tests (below) to determine if our doctor can prescribe you HGH. This is for your own health and safety.

Can I get an HGH Prescription Online?

There are many websites online which sell counterfeit products without requiring a prescription. However, the product is not guaranteed, and they generally ship the product across border which is illegal. Don’t take risks with your health. It is possible to get affordable, legal prescription HGH to improve your health and energy levels.

Is HGH Legal with a Prescription?

To begin with, you cannot get HGH legally without a prescription. In order to enter the US with HGH, a doctor will have to prescribe it. Without this, you risk having your HGH removed by US Customs. Plenty of gimmicks will try and sell you back your youth through illegal means. We believe your health and well-being should absolutely be regulated, especially if you’re going to be injecting yourself with something. At HGH Vallarta, we’d never risk you losing important treatment through shady practices.

How to Get a Prescription for HGH from your Doctor

Many of our clients also have an established relationship with a doctor they know and trust. That doctor may be able to prescribe you HGH injections that you can purchase from us with the proper blood work. With each purchase of 720 IU of HGH injections, a complete blood panel comes included.