HGH for Sale in Tijuana

Are you in the market for growth hormone? Learn why buying HGH in Tijuana can save you lots of time and money. Read on to discover why and how to buy HGH in Tijuana.  At HGH Tijuana our staff are here to help answer any questions you may have regarding the use of HGH. We have years of experience working with certified doctors to help our clients.

Top Package | Norditropin 1 Year Supply


  • 720IU Norditropin
  • 10mg / 1.5 mL Nordiflex Pens
  • 24 x 30IU Boxes
  • NovoFine Needle Tips
  • Prescription
  • Protocol
  • Travel Letter
  • Travel Cooler
  • Ice Packs

Get HGH in Tijuana in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1 Get in Touch

Our expert staff are here to answer any questions you have and arrange fast delivery of your medication.

Step 2 Bloodwork

We will Direct you to a local lab where you can have your blood drawn. For more information on which tests are required click here or get in touch.

Step 3 Delivery

Once you have confirmed your blood draw we can then send your medication overnight for collection at the nearest airport complete with your prescription, travel letter and travel cooler.

Why buy HGH in Tijuana?

Simply, you’ll save thousands of dollars compared to buying in the US. In Mexico, we don’t have to deal with Big Pharma. While those organizations raise prices in the USA, our pharmacy is free to work differently. Therefore, we sell the same medication, but we sell it for a fraction of the price.

How to buy HGH while in Mexico

It’s easy to get your Growth Hormone in Mexico. Just follow three easy steps:

Step 1: Complete your blood testing

We’re happy to recommend a lab for you, or you can choose one of your own. Your doctor will want a good look at your blood to understand your inner health. This is important for diagnosis and treatment. Blood tests include:
Chem panel

  • Somatotropine (GH)
  • Somatomedine (IGF-1)
  • Glucose
  • Creatinine
  • Urea
  • Testosterone
  • Prostatic Specific Antigen
  • Ca-125 (in females)
  • BUN
  • A1C
  • Liver Profile

Step 2: Shipping in 24hrs

We’ll deliver your growth hormone right after purchase to whatever airport in Mexico you choose. Just pick it up on your way out of Mexico.

Step 3: Return home

Our staff wants to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. At HGH Vallarta, our customers also get a signed letter, travel cooler, and writer prescription. These items assist in travel across the border

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We’ve been serving happy customers in Mexico for years. Head over to our reviews page to read their thoughts on our products, services, and more.
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