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Forteo, the brand name for teriparatide, is a pharmaceutical drug produced by Lilly, one of the pharmaceutical giants of the world. The daily subcutaneous injection of Forteo triggers elevation of parathyroid hormone, which in turn induced bone growth. As a recombinant form of human parathyroid hormone, Forteo is one of the leading drugs on the market to elevate serum calcium levels and increase bone deposits. It’s available in both 3mL and 2.4mL pre-filled devices, and needs to be refrigerated.

*Forteo is FDA approved for treatment of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women, men with primary or hypogonadal osteoporosis, and both men and women with glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis, all at high risk of fracture.


Forteo Injection

Forteo is the brand name for the drug teriparatide, designed to treat osteoporosis. The pharmaceutical company Lilly derives Forteo from rDNA to stimulate bone formation. By elevating parathyroid hormone, osteoblasts form at a greater rate while bone breaks down more slowly. Basically, it adds layers of bone density while preventing fragility.

It’s approved in both men and women who have osteoporosis, especially as a result of taking glucocorticoid medicines. Anyone with high risk of broken bones or fracture from osteoporosis should consult with a doctor about the benefits of taking Forteo.

Why choose Forteo for sale?

Fall-related hip fractures are one of the leading determinants of mortality rates in elderly. Anyone with osteoporosis is at a much higher risk of fracture due to the porosity of their bone structure. For years, bone density loss with age has been an accepted part of life. But combined with the right diet and exercise, Forteo can help reinforce your bone structure and diminish negative effects of osteoporosis.

According to research, daily injection of Forteo can significantly increase bone mineral density when compared to control, as well as reduce the risk of new spinal fractures around 66%. In other bones, regular treatment with Forteo can cut the risk of a new fracture in half.

Taking Forteo will not only improve your chance at longevity, but it can also increase the quality and vitality of your life.

Typical Forteo Cost

As Forteo is only available under its brand name, the cost for a month’s supply of around 2.4 mL runs between $3500-4500 in the US. That’s well over $10,000 for your typical three-month’s supply.  As many insurance companies require you to meet rigorous standards for Forteo to be “medically necessary”, often times these costs come out-of-pocket. If you’re concerned about getting insurance coverage, speak with your doctor and insurance company directly.

How much does Forteo cost in Mexico?

In Mexico, patients can get Forteo for about half the price of the cost of treatment in the USA. Why? Pharmacies in Mexico don’t hold a monopoly on prices like the “Big Pharma” overtaking the United States. They’d never be able to sell medicine if they tried to hike up the prices similarly in Mexico.

Therefore, as a Mexican pharmacy, we’re able to provide you with prescription Forteo for at $599 – over five times cheaper than the price in the US. And yes, it’s completely legal to seek healthcare in another country and travel back with a 90-day supply of medication.

Another cost of Forteo in Mexico – The Side Effects

Some potential non-financial costs to consider when taking Forteo are the side effects. Common side effects include:

  • Joint pain
  • Leg cramps
  • Nausea
  • Swelling, rash, or bruising at injection sites
  • Dizziness in the first few hours after injection

Any more serious side effects, such as muscle weakness, vomiting or trouble with bowel movements, low energy, or allergic reaction should be discussed with a doctor immediately. Forteo is not intended to be used for longer than 2 years over a lifetime.

Get a better Forteo price – Mexico

If you’re experiencing concerns with osteoporosis, contact us today. At HGH Vallarta, we can connect you with a doctor, provide airport transportation to our pharmacy, get you a three-month’s prescription, and send you home safely for less than the price of treatment in the USA.

Other websites or online stores claim to ship drugs across country lines directly to your door. This practice is illegal and dangerous, especially when dealing with your health.

Contact us today to get a better Forteo price in Mexico from our pharmacy in Puerto Vallarta. 

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