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Humatrope 6 mg for saleHumatrope is made by Eli Lilly, a US based pharmaceutical giant, and has roughly a 12% share of the world human growth hormone market. Humatrope offers an easy to use pen and cartridge system; which is marketed as the HumatroPen, as well as a presentation you need to reconstitute with a syringe. 

*Humatrope is produced by recombinant DNA technology and has a sequence identical to that of human GH produced by the pituitary gland.

*Humatrope has been FDA approved as a treatment for Somatropin Deficiency.


The Humatrope Pen

How to Get Humatrope for Sale

Humatrope is a synthetic drug containing recombinant growth hormones. Under the FDA, it is classified as a growth stimulant drug. It basically replaces the Human growth hormone in the body especially for children or adults with established deficiencies. The HGH injections servers replace the deficiencies in the body.

In order for it to work, the synthetic hormone must mimic the amino acid sequence in the natural hormone. The natural Hormone contains a sequence of 191 amino acids. Humatrope Lilly contains a similar sequence to effect the desired effects in the body.

Lilly growth hormone when introduced in the body is responsible for the growth and maturation of cells in the body among other functions. Lack or inadequacy in the levels of growth hormones, therefore, produces a number of ill effects on the body. Injecting with Humatrope reverses these effects.

Humatrope pen for Weight Loss

Humatrope Lilly for weight loss contains special effects that promote faster results. Working out breaks you down. Humatrope promotes faster tissue, muscle, and ligament healing, as well as the promotion of lean muscle mass. Extra muscle tone shreds excess fat, and Humatrope provides the energy needed to work out again the next day.

A Humatrope pen for weight loss ensures that your tissues heal faster, allowing you to get back to the gym as soon as possible.

​How much does Humatrope Cost in the USA?

The use of Humatrope injection is tightly regulated. It is a drug, and just like any other drug, injections are only administered to people with a prescription from a doctor. The situations under which Humatrope for sale is indicated include:

  • Children with growth hormone deficiency.
  • Adults with a low level of Human growth hormone levels as a result of tumors, surgeries, or head trauma affecting the pituitary gland
  • Children with the following syndrome which results in short stature: Noonan syndrome, turner’s syndrome, Prader Willi syndrome, and down’s syndrome
  • Children with idiopathic short stature can also benefit from the use of Lilly growth hormone
  • Adults wishing to enhance their appearance, sportsmanship and athletic capabilities.

The FDA and Big Pharma tight regulate HGH, so conglomerates take advantage of consumers by tacking on higher and higher prices in each step of distribution. As large drug companies hold a monopoly on most distribution and sales in the USA, the prices are outrageous. Given that most taking Humatrope requires daily use, it’s no wonder people search for a cheaper option.

What is the Correct Humatrope Dosage?

Once your doctor has determined that you are clear about the use of HGH, he/she will write you a prescription with clear-cut instructions on how to use the growth hormone. Follow these instructions. The Humatrope dosage will depend on your condition and the doctor’s prescription. Most of the time, you’ll inject yourself once daily.

After acquiring your prescription, you can comfortably start injecting yourself with the correct dosage. The injection sites can be the abdomen, thighs, or the deltoid region. These regions should be closely monitored for allergic reactions which normally present as hives and weals.

Humatrope dosage varies from case to case and also with age. Different conditions attract different doses. The recommended dosage is between 2-4iu per day depending on your blood studies. Once your blood work is evaluated, your specific dosage will follow.

How to save money on Humatrope for sale

There are several vendors of growth hormones in the world. Buying Humatrope can be challenging, especially when you live in a place that does not have many vendors. Thanks to HGH Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, you can now access online Humatrope for sale at the comfort of your phone. On average, it costs 2-4 times as much when you buy in the USA.  Buy it from us at a fraction of the cost!

Buy HGH in Mexico

Humatrope injections are produced by the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, serving Americans and their neighbors like Mexico since the 19th Century.

HGH Vallarta works directly with pharmaceutical companies to bring Humatrope directly to our clinic in Mexico at an economical price for our patients.

Order your HGH injections today and enjoy a comfortable, youthful life at affordable prices!

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