The Wild, Wild West | Enhance the effects of your HGH dosage

If you were to visit a gym, you would see three things—people using good form, people using bad form and people using flat-out ugly form. Don’t be the sorry soul who gets associated with the ugly category. You are much better than that!

The best way to do this is by knowing what ugly form looks like and knowing what good form looks like with some popular exercises. That being said. Let’s get down to business. Here is a list of said exercises with the good and bad points.

Commit this information to memory and put your HGH cycle to good use.


Ah yes, good old bodyweight push-ups. Perhaps the oldest and most popular exercise in the big book of exercises. When done correctly, you can’t beat this drill for building upper body strength.

However, when executed poorly, you will develop bad posture, back pain and most likely shoulder pain to boot.

Do not arch your back, do not lift your butt high in the air and do not let your elbows flare out to the sides.

Keep your hands directly under your shoulders, press your elbows tight to your sides and form a straight line from the back of your head to your heels. Keep your core tight and perform the push-up.

Bench Press

This is pretty quick and easy to summarize. Do not overarch your back, do not bounce the bar off your chest like some kind of unruly ape, and for God’s sake, use a full range of motion!

To summarize all of this, slowly lower the bar all the way down to your chest, push the weight up and fully lock out your arms, and only arch your back slightly if necessary.

Biceps Curls

Ugh… the thought of watching someone grunt and groan through a set of sloppy biceps curls is just agonizing! The big mistake made here is the exerciser arching their back, lunging the weight forward and hoisting it up with momentum.

Additionally, said exerciser usually lets their upper arms move forward while doing the above ugly form techniques. You are not going to fall into this category. What YOU are going to do is.

Move the bar or dumbbells in a steady and controlled fashion on the way up. Then you will pause for a second as you squeeze your biceps and slowly move the weight back down in a slow and controlled motion. Your upper arms will remain completely still throughout and you will also not sway your hips forward.


You have pull-ups and then you have all the other spinoffs that sort of resemble them, but aren’t even close. There should be no swaying, flipping, flopping or half-bent elbows involved with a quality pull-up.

Start this exercise from a dead-hang position with your arms fully extended. Keep your abs tight and your hips slightly forward as you pull your shoulder blades inward. You are now ready to START the pull-up.

Maintain a tight core and straight back as you pull yourself upward. Stop, only when your chin clears the bar and slowly lower yourself all the way back down. Now, do your next rep.

The goal is to never do as many fast, sloppy pull-ups as possible. The real goal is to do low reps with multiple sets of beautiful, graceful pull-ups. Master that and you got them licked.

Kettlebell Swings

The kettlebell is one of the greatest fitness tools you will ever find on a gym floor or basement of a home. When used correctly, you can transform your body in no time flat. Of course, there is one catch. You need to use proper form. If you don’t, you can quickly find yourself in traction or with a jacked up shoulder.

One of the signature exercises performed with a kettlebell is called a swing. This drill really works the glutes, hamstrings, lower back and abs. But more importantly, it torches fat because it sends your heart rate through the roof.

All formalities aside, the swing is by far one of the most wrongly performed kettlebell exercises in the world. It is not a squat, you should not arch your back, you should not raise the kettlebell over your head and you shout not rock back and forth with your feet.

Ideally, you are barefoot, first of all. If you can’t be barefoot, then wear the thinnest shoes you can find. And make sure to keep your feet glued to the floor the entire time.

The movement is performed with a hip hinge, not a squat. Swing the kettlebell back between your legs, push your hips back and get into a position where your thighs are about 45 degrees to the floor and shins are vertical.

Then drive your hips forward to move the bell instead of lifting it with your arms. Once it is about parallel to the floor with the bottom facing forward, contract your abs, glutes, quads and lats all at the same time. That’s called a hardstyle lockout and it will prevent your back from arching.

Let the kettlebell come back down toward your body and time it so your hips go back once again as soon as your arms touch your sides. Repeat for a set of good-quality swings.

Feel the Positive Vibes

When it comes to your exercise routines, you know when you have good form or not. Things just feel good and right. When done correctly, your drills should feel and look seamless. Be honest with yourself.

When you look in the mirror, does your form look good? And if you don’t have access to a mirror, shoot a video of yourself and watch it. You will clearly be able to see if your form is good, bad or ugly based off this evidence. Then you can make the necessary adjustments.

Overall, don’t shy away from exercise. In fact, it will enhance the effects of your HGH dosage. Just make sure to do it with 90 percent quality or better.